At Serimax we specialise in premium solutions in welding and technology in Offshore, Onshore and Fabrication.

We support these market sectors in all welding applications from ultra deep (HPHT), deep, landlines, and fabrication. This covers offshore from seabed to surface, spoolbase, multijointing, subsea fabrication, landlines and onshore fabrication.

We are passionate about what we do and invest heavily in R&D, to meet tomorrow’s challenges head on. With a dedicated pool of 40 R&D specialists we have the capabilities and infrastructure to address the complexities associated working in seismic, corrosion fatigue in ultra deep to comply with strain based design criteria.

Whatever your needs are today Serimax is your solutions and technological provider across all sectors of this market sector as the industry leader.

For your offshore and onshore construction projects, we can design flexible and adapted tubular solutions to fit your requirements.
These end to end solutions are possible thanks to the unique portfolio of products and services available in the Group or through long term partnerships including seamless pipes, cladding, welding services, coating services or even pipe in pipe assembly services.
With a combined workforce in excess of 22,000, we can manage the project life cycle and responsibility, facilitate the communication interfaces, optimize the supply chain and finally give you extra float to your project execution planning.

These are our Global Solutions.