Serimax provides high quality automatic and manual welding services for the offshore market inclusive of pipeline installation, spoolbases, multi/double joint and sub-sea fabrication. Our solutions encompass the right equipment, skilled personnel, and project management; the appropriate procedures and maintenance support, and the most robust qualification processes - delivering repair rates consistently lower than industry averages of less than 2%.

Deep and Ultra Deep water is becoming more prevalent in our scope of work.  With capabilities to deliver Automatic and Manual welding of a wide range of materials and Fabrication full service solutions ensuring complete implementation of requirements, we can ensure that your deep and ultradeep needs will be met, and your projects will be fully supported by our specialised teams.

Our track record of service provision and delivery excellence in the toughest of conditions have allowed us to develop long-term partnerships with leading market players.




Offshore Pipelines

Trunklines, flowlines, Steel Catenary Risers (SCR)

Subsea Fabrication

PLEMs, PLETs, manifolds, spools, jumpers

Our offshore services

Offshore pipelay

Premium quality, leading productivity, innovative technology, a talented and driven workforce: a combination which has built Serimax’s field-proven recipe for success as the leader in offshore welding operations and services onboard our customers’ offshore pipelay assets from the shallow waters of South East Asia and the North Sea, to the Ultra-deep seas of Australia, West Africa or the Gulf of Mexico.

Offshore Datasheet

Fabrication services

We have a proven track record in fabrication, both on and offshore.  We take the responsibility of meeting quality, dimensional control and welding specifications to meet the most demanding criteria. Our expertise and welding technology have been developed to provide the best solution to meet today’s and future generation of welding specifications, whilst delivering high productivity and minimal repair rate of less than 0.2%.

Fabrication Datasheet


Spoolbase management solutions

As the world’s leading supplier of spoolbase management services, we have worked with virtually every reel pipelay vessel in service. With our historical expertise in the operation of spoolbases worldwide, we can shape our services to optimise welding and inspection results for our customers every time.

Multi-jointing solutions

We specialise in double, quad and multi jointing on both fixed and project locations, in support of our clients to meet their tight project schedules. This concept optimises production by welding fewer joints off shore, whilst minimising welds on the critical path reducing the offshore vessel days. This process is both flexible and versatile and offers our clients a cost effective solution.

Spoolbase and Multi-jointing Datasheet